Two of Somaliland Parties,Kulinye and Ucid agreed election time


Hargeisa (SH)-Two of Somaliland Political Parties, the ruling Party Kulmiye and the Ucid Party agreed upon to gather, the punctual time of the coming election as it will be based on the November 2019, and they also told that all the related election issues is to push for ward by the electoral commission.

Although those of two parties issued this statement, their hot rival Waddani Party was out of this partial unity of the election time, whose boycotted, last week to have a command agree with the two other parties, accusing of the ruling Party Kulmiye, that they hindered the smoothness of the election endorsement as to gather as all the 3 parties.

This scheduled of the election time without the hot rival party of Waddani yet no clear how it will look like to be demonized of fully agreement, which will allow Kulmiye and Ucid without Waddani to cut or point out the exactly election time.

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