Banadir Governor Eng, Yariisow made see off dinner Som United team


Mogadisho (SH)-The Governor of the Banadir Region Engineer Abdurrahman Omar Osman Yariisow had invite to the Som united Team Sport, which is all the way have traveled from Sweden, as Sport Team who came Somalia to integrate with their local Somalis whom they met with them highly enthusiastic along with warm welcome during their visiting Mogadishu districts.

The invitees of the United Team Sport more indulge, about how they are interesting and admiring this see off dinner made for them by the Mogadishu Governor, and the Governor has pointed those Team were warmly welcome and respectful with their Mogadishu people, and he interpreted that expressing how far deeply that this Team of Som-Uinted are  indispensable pillar which is taken to account ” since you were here your motherland you were met highly welcome face and that is expressing that how you are important for your people” the Mogadishu Governor told these alters.

Also Ministry for the Sport Miss Khadiija Mohamed Dirie, expressed more happens with those Som-United Team, since they were here they made more integration with their Somali people, in different angles, besides number of Games they have played with other local Teams which was very interest both Som-united Team and the local Teams and their supporters whose were their wings flying.Source:Radio Mogadishu.

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