Port and Transport Ministry opened training skills for the Ministry labor


Mogadishu (SH)-The Ministry of port and transport had open training skills for the labor of that Ministry, which will continue 4 days from today,the trainees will have more lessons relating to their engaged of current activities.

Deputy Minister of that Ministry Mr. Osman Abdi Daallo and the director General of the Port Ministry and perpetual secretary of the deputy of the vice Prime Minister were among those rank Government officials attended this workshop, and they as different angles pointed out the importance of this training as to develop the Ministry labor as to get in touch the min activities needed form those new servants of this ministry.

The Director of the Ministry Mr. Dhagaxtuur (thrown stone) told the aim to held this workshop is to up grade the capacity of the Ministry though the good labor skills and well trained until the Ministry will stand for its own feets” Director told that.


Also the Deputy Minister Mr. Daallo remembered those trainees to be well aware of what would be necessary for their related duties of the Ministry up grading activities for the future development which is culminating by the Ministry pointed out that 2018 programs of the Ministry were done as direct scheduled and this new years, 2019 programs will be food step or right than that.we translated this article from English to Somali as it been published on the Radio Mogadishu, and also these photos were belongs to Radio Mogadishu.


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