Said Abdullaahi Dani elected as third new President of Puntland


Garowe (SH)-The 66 of the regional autonomy of the Puntland Parliament today has elected their third new President as Mr. Said Abdullahi Dani whose narrowly passed to the President for Puntland people, Mr. Dani won 34 votes than 33 votes got bu his counterpart candidate General Asad whose they were come form one sub-clan as named Osman Mohamoud.

Newly elected President for Puntland people always he was seeming as the winner since he had two potential of political sings, first he is a member of the Modern Islamist Group of Al-islah those mostly enjoying the logic ideological views of the Somali sectors,which is widely believed that was the major point enabled him to come to this stage,because he linked a tough and tact organized group both politically or economically.

And the Second opportunity enabled him to be elected was attributing, besides his lucky that he was done well organized campaign rallies, and seems to have a clear of political agenda programs,therefore Mr. Dani earned majority of the new Parliament member,s votes, Mr. Dani got the first round 20 votes and next got 17 votes while other rival candidates were weekend than his above winning.

DENNIThe second round he got 29 votes while his next rival General Asad got 30 votes and the third candidate was Farah Ali Shire whose got 9 votes only,then it passed to the third round which only he and General Asad and the General Asad was leading for 1 vote than Dani and they got 34 votes which enabled him to become the third President of Puntland.

On the other hand the vice President of the new Puntltnad won Mr Ahmed Karash whose form Sool Region which is partially is a disputed area between British Protectorate of Somaliland State and the Somali eastern autonomy region of Puntland, which is widely believed it will be the  most obstacle lied front of the new President of Puntland Mr. Dani since his clan Dhulbahante is divided into three parties such Puntland State, Somaliland State and South central of Somalia, but he current mention obstacles which will hindered to the new Administration of Puntland is the issue of Sool and Sanaag Regions which is disputed area of Somaliland and Puntland.

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