Woman demanded divorce for which name there coming daughter be given


Dubai (SH)-Women demanded in Dubai to be divorced for the sick of quarrel with here husband after 4 weeks when doctors informed them that the wife has a newly pregnancy of 4 months, soon after that Doctor,s informing, both husband and the wife discussed which name of their coming daughter will be and the husband dominated him self to give will give the name of the daughter, and than she agreed upon with here husband that, suggestion of here husband to give daughter,s name.

But on the other side she supposed that she will have authority of the second baby name and the husband agreed upon here suggestion, then one critical appeared after that decision which the wife toughly opposed and that is she got later the name which will be given to their coming daughter is same name was named here husband,s former Girl fiancee, and that she couldn’t be accept.

The wife insisted no way other then she divorced since the Husband selected here name, the equal name of his former girl fiancee, the husband tried to convinced her to day away that insisting and calm down, for her husband,s sweet feeling with him and every thing back to as it was before the name of their coming daughter will be given when she come to the world stage. but unfortunately she rejected proposal of her husband and the the British news paper was wrote its top headline that story.


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