Newly elected MPs of Puntland listened Presidential candidates


Garawe (SH)-The Newly elected MPs of Somali autonomy State region of Puntland had listen the short coming election, of the Presidential candidate speeches, which supposing that it will be held by tomorrow mooring,21 Candidates are standing for Presidential and vice Presidential position, 11 candidates were running for Presidential and 11 others are for vice Presidential.

All the 21 both Presidential and their vices were spoke their Biography, and their goal activities if they become winners and each of them had a colorful and beautified speech , which 99% is only deceiving and hidden agenda, because the Somali people are well aware of the Somali politician,s empty promise, which later on will not be passed on the table of the requesting as each of them get support from his supporters either clan or colleagues they are.PPC2

most of those candidates including the current President and his vice were somehow spoke closely and they were shooting where the Society is too vulnerable like the security, free education and etc,however tomorrow mooning will be the final day of the campaign rallies and the lectures of the Candidates, at the whole of Puntland regions and the MPs of the Puntland will be early go to the poly station votes at the Parliament center and later on winners either President or deputes will be announced by the electoral Committee.PC2

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