25 Students whose graduated Faculty of Marine Skills Give award


Mogadishu (SH)-The education deputy Minister Mr. Faisal Omar Gulaild and the other rankle officials of the Federal Government have participated, the Graduation ceremony awarding,those have been awarded, have lent their marine skills at the Khalif Macow Marine Academy, which located in Mogadishu.

Besides the Deputy Minister and the other gust,s speeches, there was Student remarks which whose behaving of them, told that he is very delicious, for his lucky to be part of those lent one year of Marine Skills, which he will work as expert as he  mentioned “i,am very happy that i have benefited the duration of the one year education that i have passed” that was remarked by Kamal Hussein Dalmar.

Mr. Dalmar fully thanked to his lectures and the principles of that Faculty of Marine and he added “also i,am fully thanking to may Teachers who tough me this precious of the Marine skills that i will work for my next future”.

Professor of Marine Farah Ahmed Omar whose tough these graduates are the Batch 3 of the Marine Students and approximately 200 Students have taken their Marine Certificate form this Khalif Macow Academy and he requested form the Government of Somalia to hand over them Marine institute center which is using now as belongs by another personal property ” here am requesting from the Government to hand over us the Marine land centers to teach the Somali young people”

Source :Radiomogadishu


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