Somali Military are scheduling to wage attack lower Juba on Alshabab


Mogadishu (SH)-The Somali Military force are now scheduling new gulf attack against on Alshabab, whose doing gorilla with the Somali Federal Republic, since last 13 years,after emerging the name of Alshabab when the Islamic union courts, changed their shirt into the Jihadist Groups such Alshabab and Alqaeda.

Now its current reportedly there is a sings expressing that Somali Forces are in preparation to wage gulf attack into Alshab bases in the middle Juba and near zones that area, where they are hidden as to do ambush and swift attack on any Government activities. the Commander of the 43 Unit of the Forces, Cali Maxamed Maxamuud (Bog-madow) told to run state media now they are near to attack on Alshabab bases in the middle Juba, as to re establish new atmosphere, which is to remove ideologically Alshababism. But the question is are the Somali Military forces have the capacity to remove the Alshabab from these areas or else where like Gedo Region?.

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