Russian age Mother Killed her son and cuts him in 70 parties


Moscow (SH)-A Russian age Woman killed her son after he stolen her from something, this Mother of age had been suffering more before, and she submitted sued against her son early to the Police, but nothing has been done for her suffering from her son, whose she had accused him of stealing her.

Once she had lift home with him to some where and he told her that is going to his wife,s house, but he had managed to back home and steal some thing was lied in mother,s home and later when she back to the home she found some thing is missing form her home, and decided to do an horrify feedback action to her son, which she injured him and the injured part of his body, led causation, for late of his death.

Police have been noticed this bad action, which the 63 aged Woman killed her Son, and they detained her, than interviewed asking her what led her to kill her son, and she argued that earlier he accustomed to steal her and she submitted, before case against for his theft to his Mother,s house to the Police and nothing has been done for her, to give him warning,fearing him at least if he steal once again his Mom he will be punished or will be jailed, but no step had gone to him.

After the Police listened her argument they had not convicted her and let her free back to her home,but before she lift from the Police station she briefed as she killed her boy and she told to her story, that first she injured him and his casualty has brought more hemorrhage and it couldn’t stopped then he died.She told that to the Police interviewing and later after the boy died she decided to hide his body and put it in some where, and she made it in 70 pieces to hide it.  but it smelled more, into the Neighbor houses and they felt, there is some thing body died, which were coming form her window, and they asked her what is smelling form her window and late on she told to the Neighbors, that she killed her son and his dead boy is what smelling.Photo quoted from Google archive.

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