Funny story: A British Woman give Birth two times less than in 30 days


London (SH) A British Woman gave birth less than in 30 days her second baby, this funny story happened in the UK,published on THE SUN news paper which also been quoted by the Social media, as strange new event to this miracles world.

Miss Green,s give birth as wonderfully, has fascinated,many minds of those heard or saw it by live, as the story had happened,Miss. Green give birth her first bay during her first of 6 weeks, a Baby having 800 Gram  and after 12 days she borne her second Baby who was 1.3 KG of weight.

MIRALE1Miss Green is 32 years old and she pictured laughing and as she was pleasing for her having two Baby more then in 30 days, which really is unbelievable, in accordance with the usually of Woman birth time which minimum 6 months shortly, but the normal time of the Woman Birth is 9 months.

Also what is to mentioned her Miss Green and her husband officially together declared, that Miss Green has a new pregnancy in a 4 weeks and then she had gave birth, in a short time which made many people jeopardize like this miracle and wonderful event as its new to the world.

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