Deputy of Education Minister closed training for 280 Teachers


Mogadishu (SH)-The Deputy of the Education Minister Faisal Omar Gulaid closed training for 280 of local Teachers, those Trainees Teachers were training the Gahair University KM 4 department, and this training was focusing on the enhancement of the Secondary, and intermediate of the Governmental Schools, and also to get to the newly approved educational Guide (Manhaj) and this training lasting last 15 days.

Those Trained Teachers came from each Banadir Region and the administrative regional education sectors,Hassan Mohamed Ali is the Director General of the Ministry of education and he pointed out the Teacher is very important for the Society and therefore he deserve more to focused in his development and given up grading his career.

Finally the Vice Minister of Education Mr. Faisal Omar Gulaid,had remarks alters before he announced the closing of that workshop, and he told his Ministry is ready to give the upper priority to those Teachers as to up grade and enhance the Teacher,s education to be applicable for what they are teaching to the Somali young teenagers.

The aim behind this is to produce in the future, qualified people whose are the tomorrow,s leaders of this country, as the spoke to by those Rankle officials of the Government as they encouraged those Trainees to doubled their efforts for their way of teaching, at the Schools to produce quality educators whose will benefit for those Somali poople

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