Somaliland Political Parties deal of NEC removing disagreed


Hargeisa (SH)-Somaliland Political Parties set together, discussing, the very critical and the tit for tit issue of the demanding, removing to the electoral Commission, by one of the rival Parties,as Waddani Party,which is totally opposed by the ruling party Kulmiye.

This case was rounding into the Somaliland political atmosphere, since the last election.tray angle meeting between, the rival Party Waddani, led by late frailer Chairman, of that Party, Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullaahi, Erro, and their counterpart, of Ruling Party Kulmiye members, had a tough talk sides, at Maan-soor Hotel.

As early mooning,Waddani side were took seats, than Kulmiye Party, and they were looks like as too less hope, for any furitable come out, in this meeting, since before yesterday face to face, hard debate was failed, to agreed upon both sides, while Waddani Party position is very hard to the Ruling Party Kulmiye, which is to remove,all the 7 Electoral Commission members, from their chairs, its unallowable proposal, against the legality of the, last result election, which the Current, President from Ruling Party Kulmiye, Muse Bihi Abdi had inauguration, which he deserved, in accordance with the unanimously votes he got.

” i have nothing hope from this boring meeting, because it looks like will foot step as like yesterday failed talks” that was remarks by one of the Waddani Rival Party, Jamal Hamud who expressed his hopeless, and he added “if they insisted as like yesterday,s meeting we  will pull out this talks” Mr. Jamal told as Waddani Rival Party, seems to them nothing else besides to say to Kulmiye do whatever you like, and their side will do what he didn’t mentioned, it clearly “if they deal with us they sued to deal we will leave and say to them do whatever you like and we will do what we do” he leaved.

NEClater on 10 AM or near,Kulmiye Party Members come to the Hotel, and they set to gather, as usually, with no frank faces, and joking laughing mood, atmosphere, with closed inside room of the Hotel, and absence of the Media, but it failed as it has been seeming, and each side pull out and back with nothing result.

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