Somaliland National Media Conference held at Maan-soor Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)-Somaliland National Media Conference opened at Maan-soor Hotel, as the above title highlighting its the first time as kind of this title conference ever held in Somaliland since retained form the rest of Somali Republic in 1991, this meeting of the two days discussion about s lot of issues such as to get in touch each other as Government and the Media, and also each side to expose his suffering from the other side.

MURSAL For example Media toughly and well organized has submitted their suffering speech for the Government as their Solja chairman Mohamoud Abdi Jama (Xuuto)  he had prolonged his speech and up and down told the Government delegates led the Information Minister Abdurrahman Guri-baraqo, Minister of interior Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, Minister of Endowment and the Religious Sheikh Khaliil Abdullaah, Minister of Planning Awale Shirwac,Minister of Water Sulieman Ali Kore, Labor and Social affairs Hinda Heris Gani, Deputy Minister of the Livestock Miss Yurub Abbiib and the Marodijeh Governor deputy Khadar Baroud.

Gusts1Also other honorable gusts were invited whose from the Civil organizations and others, Information director Mohamed Yousuf briefly pointed pout rights and the obligations of the Media and the objective of this two days national level of the media conference, Mohamoud Abdi Jama Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) had too criticized Government,s swift or suddenly jailing to the Media without warrant  permission and other humiliation evil deeds as he remarked.

On the other hand Mr. Xuuto mentioned that Former Government led by Ahmed Siilanyo had donated land for free center for Media training but unfortunately before that center officially handed over to the Media Administration this current Government had took over the power and Mr. Xuuto mentioned what he had explained as unfortunately as he spoke in hidden conflict between among the Government hindered that land of the media training center to fully give to those media.

KAAHINInterior Minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed spoke a different angles as answering Solja,s criticism or remaindering those media houses have the rights and the obligations and he told that media always expose their suffering rights and but behind their obligations and duties which is needed to be equalized “i hope there will be a new law enforcement which will guide both you and us and from today you will would not come to  me and to the Police Commander you will direct to the regional Court” Interior Minister mentioned that.

JAAMBIIRTechnology and communication Minister Dr Abdi-wali told that many jobs will be loss according to the coming technology barriers “as the swiftly of the coming Technology new faces many people including you as the media will be jobless and her am i am urging you to beer in mind that once it will come” Dr Abdiwali Said that.

GURI1“this meeting is going as we scheduled and i hope this current Government and the media relationship will be better more as had been corresponds media and that act Government and we will be group working to gather” these alters were remarked by the Information Minister Mr. Guri-barwaaqo,and he fingered pointed out that former Siilanyo,s Government donation land for the Media training center still its in process and not been hindered any other obstacles but only the technicality “it was post pounded only by technical error but no any other obstacle for that Media center land”

Ministry of National Planning and the Livestock deputy Minister and the Religious Minister and Labor and the Social Minister along with the have Governor had spoken in somehow same and also different angles, coming to the defense of the Government they had common defense and one target alters but all mentioned that is time to go to gather whole Somaliland either Media or Government including whole the Society.BAARUUD              Marodijeh deputy governor Khadar Baaruud

TOOSWASIIRThis National media conference will have different speeches and secterial slide presentations focusing on the weakness both Media and the Government to covered it as looking down as General state principles and sovereign unity not continuously to blame each other to attack  one to another side which cannot take part to the National developments. tomorrow will be the closing that conference as supposing to by the Vice President Abdurrahman Ismail Sailie standing with dozen of the Miniseries, s cabinet.

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