Nagaad Umbrella held training for Somaliland Woman Candidates


Hargeisa (SH)-Nagaad Umbrella  Held training for 50 Somaliland Political Woman Candidates whose came from the All Regions and this will focus on to enhance and empowering those Woman candidates to learn  how to make furitibal for their running candidate as their activities  may not failed “here we are today as Nagaad answering your request for us to retrain you again and i hope you ready to benefit this very important of only today training” Nagaad Executive director Madam Nafisa Yousuf told that.

WOMAN-7Madam Nafisa told that is its indispensable as Political Woman Candidates to enforce your source of the income and also highly to deal with your Clan cultural leaders to convince to accept your candidate as Woman ” you have to bear in mind its very important to focus on how you can convince your clan cultural leaders to accept your candidate position as you are a Woman and also to learn how to earn to collect money from your supporters instead to win for your goal of chair candidate” that was pointed out by Nafisa Yousuf.

WOMAN-3“its not to tell a lie our selves because number one is to know your know your weakness and to cover it from different angles such like to create enough fund rising for your running for the chair of the Political candidate” that was added by Nagaad Executive.

WOMAN-2On the other hand time should be taken in to account as its quickly running as has enlighten by Nafisa Yousuf and she honestly encouraged those Somaliland Woman Candidates not to abrogate their useful time and tightly taken to account any minute they are downing the remains months “i would like to tell you time is very important for your running to the coming election and to engage actively and tightly to focus on your money collecting and earning support of your target peoples” she said in her slide presentation for those Woman Candidates.

WOMAN-6” i want to emphasize your candidate activities on the first coming 10 months from January to November to be mad a very tough and very professional scheduled either mobilization to your target society or money collecting” Nafisa Yousuf urged these alters to whom it was concerning.

WOMAN-4At least five Woman Candidates among those trainees were briefly commented their feeling concern on the coming months and they told that from this day after they would have clear agenda for their candidate running activities “i wan to make clear for you i have decided from this moment to schedule my remaining days as to create especial account for my candidate campaign money election” Hadiya Mohamed Ismail Running for Ucid Party told that.

WOAMN-4“me i have a especial part of my family economy for example i have my own farm which is free for me and no one else is sharing with me and it will be sold out for my campaign candidate running activities and also my other family are ready to stand with me” Sahra Aw-cilmi Mohamoud whose running for Kulmiye Party mentioned that, Madam Luul Hassan Matan and Amina Mohamoud Dirie running for Kulmiye had spoke same words as they have a clear goal for their swim with the the men whose are taken in to account Woman Vote including even those Woman candidates but Woman are ready to agree with the men for that calming this time.

WOMAN-5in other  way Miss Dirie told one very important point which many other Woman were not exposed and she told any Woman Candidate first should have earned or get support from her Political Party led by the Chairman of the Party and whatever efforts that Woman Candidates do will not be succeeded unless first her Party approved for her to run the name of the Party with full conformity “i am telling you honestly speaking to you first as Woman Candidates you have to get support from your Political Party including the chairman of Party otherwise you might not succeed in your campaign candidate goals” said that Amina Mohamoud Dirie.

WOMAN-8The second presentation was guided by Mustapha Mohamed Project manager of Nagaad Umbrella and he well as an expert gave awareness relating the right direction of the election battle game with their men counterparts, besides he remembered those Woman runners to have wide angles for their collect campaign money and the clan elder support “how many of you have a signed letter allowance from the Suldan or chief Wiser of her clan to be candidate Woman candidate whose delegating the Clan?  he asked them and 14 of 50 Have hand up while other have yet got permission from the Suldan or Chief wiser a letter allowance.

WOMAN-9“i have decided to be a candidate from my Sahil region and the hard circumstance existing  there  showed to stand to run for the coming elections as the Woman Candidate” said that a Candidate Ucid Party Woman and she added “i encouraging you to come with to gather as Woman and decide to do whatever can allows us to overthrow those old men from the chairs”

WOMAN-10The deputy of Nagaad Umbrella Kharda Omar Hassan came at late of the closing the Workshop and remarked ” i hope for you well succeeded result and Nagaad will stand and giving moral support to come with the chairs of the coming new Parliament” Miss Khadra Bequeathed those Woman candidates to benefited their chance and taken in to account they will swim hard battle with men whose are not giving any consideration to come out as and set the Parliament seats as  more than as you are now”

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