Faisal Salaad Samow was preparing his wedding but he died


Mogadishu (SH)-Allah Grant his paradise to Veteran late Faisal Samow who died yesterday in Mogadishu at the horrify Bomb which leaved at least 30 people and 54 others were got injured those part of them are  current dealing with serious situation since their injures affected them in different parties of their bodies.

Faisal Samow has engaged last week his new marriage Girl and he was in his mid preparation to have the enjoyment of his life wedding but Allah already has Scheduled 22/12/2018 to be his last day after he suddenly met with the horrify Bomb explosion which had shake in Mogadishu city of Somalia and he died their with many of lovable Somali bright future stars by Alshabab.

Late Faisal was a brilliant teenage growing up with the huge of culmination of Somalis those new him as he was one of the genius teenagers “really he was a brilliant and intelligent boy along side he used to remembered to the Students to pray the Salah when the time is reached” Principle of Yasin Othman School told that whose they were each very close intimates.

that to the Radio Mogadishu.

Faisal he was member of the Teachers whose being selected the educational program named “go to the School” which many others are now teaching, also his Father along his brother were killed by Alshabab in Beledweyne years ago and also another  his brother died at the Nasahablood two Hotel bomb explosion early of this year.

Besides he was mid in his Wedding preparation he was Teacher at the Yasin Othman School locating in Boon-dhere district, the late Faisal fortunately survived the first Bomb and he posted a view minutes later thanking to Allah for his surviving saying “5 minutes ago i have passed the right explosion place and Allah safe the people from this tragedy” but unfortunately he died another second explosion at the same yesterday.

Also late Salad has established local center for education to those Young Somali teenagers missed their right school time both parent dies or country,s hard circumstance which he dedicated now and after to the Somali young teenagers whose are growing up in this longest ever anarchy country in the Modern history.

Since yesterday of the Salad died the Somalis were posting excessively comments about his last remarks which he posted at in his facebook page which we mentioned above “Salad Samow the veteran whose been witness” Radio Mogadishu web page was titled this alters.




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