Both Saudi and Bahrain Governments have condemned Mogadishu Bombs


Riyad (SH)-The Saudi Arabia Government along with Bahrain Government have warmly condemned the last two Bombs had had happened in Mogadishu yesterday which leaved at least 30 Somali souls and injured 54 others.

A big title rankle official of Saudian told to the Saudi news agency that his Government is warmly condemning the shocked and horrify twin explosions those were behind by Alshabab insurgents and many of Somali civilians were gone out.

SBAlso Bahrain Government foreign Ministry  issued a declaration condolence and mentioned it that it will be stand with the Somali Government in whatever and will gave hand to Support Somali federal Government to defend from like this Alshabab attacks.

Although condemns and promises have altered by those Arab countries expressing they will stand Somalia what so ever than can defend from the Alshabab attacks yet we don,t know how these precious of Political alter words can mitigate or weekend to Alshabab attacks form the Somali civilians whose are dying day and night like same what had happened yesterday at the Mogadishu Theater and country keeping hidden.

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