Pakistan got two Projects for climate change mitigation


Islamabad (SH)-The Pakistan Government has got two friendly of Climate change projects to mitigate the risk of the air pollution and the other damages from the climate change issues caused by the western industrial smocking,the adviser of the Pakistan Prime Minister Malik Amin Aslam told that Paskitan has managed to get two environmental friendly projects which will allows it smoothly to deal with climate change issues.

This fund is coming from the Global Fund of the Climate change as enabling Pakistan to recover damages affected by they Climate heats which not only damaged Pakistan but also the rest of the other world countries are seriously suffering form it change of Pollution heats over the world weather riches or poor they are.

This is following as the Poland Climate change meeting discussed and that Pakistan has exhibited admirable presentation which professionally  prepared led by the Ministry of the climate change along with Institute for the sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI) which made Pakistan eyes of the meeting delegates curiously to look down and node.

IMRANThe Pakistan Prime Minister,s adviser noticed to the media that this chance is enabled Pakistan Government both its efforts made climate change fight against to all whatever can can Polluted the clean air and the Climate Action Network of South Asia collaboration and for being that Pakistan now is getting those two Projects of the fund using for the mitigation of the Climate risks changes.

The Amount of this two Environment Projects are over 10 Billion US Dollar which mostly will be funded Tsunami trees project for that State forestry administration of people,s republic of China to expend cooperation with the Pakistan Government Mr. Yau jing appreciated the Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan,s efforts and the protection of the Environmental policy and preservation at the launching the 10 Billion of this Tsunami Tree projects.more over this article along with this photo was quoted from the

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