Former President Sh-Shariif Sh. Ahmed,s Political Party is declared


Mogadishu (SH)-The Former President of Somalia Sheikh Shariif Sheikh Ahmed coined his own Political Party which will be standing for to contest with the other Political Parties those preparing their schedule of the 2020 election which the Somali back pushers already had mentioned it will be the time for the Somalia election.

Sheikh Shariif Former President whose failed last contest election which the current President Mohamed Abdullaahi Farmajo worn 184 vote Sheikh Shariif got only 49 votes, shortly after he declared his new Political Party National Goal Party many politician figures  announced they are ready to join with the Sheikh Shariif,s Political Party.

Former President Sheikh Shariif he is hugely enjoying with big support and economy donation which allows him to neared the dominate chair of the President unless he is an lucky man but now he seams as he dealing with good atmosphere as Political winner and Qatar Government is biggest funder for Shariif,s Political ambition along with some western countries are hind the cater for shari,s agenda.

however every thing will be clearly exposed on the daylight stage weather he will worn or he will loss as he loss last Presidential election in 2018, Sheikh Shariif is the moderate Islamist and before his presiding Somalia also he had presided to the Islamic court groups until he captured by they American intelligence forces in the bush border between Somalia and kenya.


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