Ethiopia Parliament approved the disagreed bill


Addis Ababa (SH)-The Ethiopian Parliament today has approved the controversial bill which had created quarrel  with the Ethiopian Parliament last week after the Reformist Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiye Ahmed proposed this reform bill to be amendment and then approve by the Federal Parliament but its not been endorsed by more MPs and it  had divided among the Parliament.

If the Parliament approved this bill it will enhance to the Prime Minister to have a more power to make modification and set up a commission to solve the triggered clan conflicts which had a long story between east Ethiopian clan borders by the identity and clan border dispute which leaved approximately a dead bodies and estimating 1.4 Million people were currently displaced in different regions oo whole Ethiopia  and others of civilians those were fighting each other were injured with no means in many places of Ethiopia including Geri and Oromo or Oromo and Garre.

This bill was hindered by number of the Parliament majority whose argued this Bill is unconstitutional therefore not deserve to be expose on the Parliament but there was another huge MPs whose also argue this Bill is constitutional and deserve to approve and then signed by the Prime Minister.

finally the bill today was approved with the majority vote of the Parliament and its suppose to transit to the Prime Minister,s office, on the other hand those Parliament opposed this Bill majority from the Tigray clan which the new change of the Abiye came with has not been endorsed since all other Ethiopian regions were endorsed Abiye,s initiative of Political changes in whole Ethiopia regions.

The news identity and boundary issue commission will be tasked with studying the causation issues of this repeatedly clan conflicts and come with solutions to the lawmakers whose have the last improvement of this bill eventually. excessively clan Ethnicity based land belongs is more shaking more districts or regions like Moyale which 10 people were died in bus explosion in the and more others were injured in yesterday new clashes between clans Boran and Somali Garre for dispute whose Moyale is belongs. huge demonstrations shake Moyale twon which is based clan ethnicity propaganda as corresponding from those clan to those other clans as these pictures are expressing


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