Alshabab insurgency declared a war on against Dacish Group


Mogadishu (SH)-The Somali insurgent Alshabab has declared today on Friday they will fight with their ideology friendly alliance Dacish Group and this new declared war Alshabab on Dacish is following nice  longtime conflict between them, but this new declaration of war which they will swim with Dacish is named what they refereed miss leading of the Islamic Jihad which each of them are claiming its on their perfect way as Jihadist of Islamic Group.

The Spokes man of Alshabab Ali Dheere told that Alshabab made dirty the Islamic view words to on the Jihad way as he remarked speaking with the British Broadcast Corporation “BBC” the Alshabab Spokesman Ali Dheere interpreted those Dacish Groups are like virus and they must fight with them.


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