World Aids day commemoration ceremony held by SOLNAC


Hargeisa (SH)-National Aids Commission commemorated a big ceremony for the international day of the Aids and its being lectured as many officials about the virus which transmits from one to one and finally cause to the person to curry out the virus which changes appearance of the person and also it reduces weight of the person slowly causing to be a less habit for the food libido.

Approximately hundreds have participated this ceremony of the commemoration of the international day of the Aids which hugely weakened many of the world powers “youth, Military and etc”

As internationally first December is agreed upon whole the world to congregate a huge rallies to talk and discuss about the dangerous hidden as Health Minister of Somaliland has pointed out the rate of the positives have been reduced “fortunately rate of the positive people have reduced” he said.

Band team raised song awareness for the Aids which many youth participators have been as they are indulged for they song words from the Band team like Abdi-flash his companions “test blood is not seek” and be based on your home” were among laughter words by the ceremony stage.

The Minister of Health Hassan Ismail Yousuf has suggested and consulted to the Somaliland society especially the Youth to make test blood before their marriage “here am suggesting to you to mark test blood before your marriage” he said,

Mohamed Abeeb Hassan is the newly inaugurated as the head of the Somaliland National Aids Commission and he told like this day in 1988 the world has unanimously agreed this day to be scheduled as the day of Aids discussed ceremony and he added “the world has agreed like this day in 1988 after 30 years to recognize the risk of the transmission which affected hugely  to the world power pillars” Mohamed Abeeb said that.

“Approximately 76 million of people have been infected last 30 years and the half of them are leaving in Africa” Mr. Abeeb told that, and also he mentioned “i would suggested  these three points “1-every body to make blood test before he or she got their marriage 2-not to discriminate 3 and facilitate and make Marriage cost easy”

“since the short period i have was in the Office we found that even Water tankers refused to watered not those  positive house families saying you watered a positive family consequence don,t watered us”  he added.

Mohamed Mohamoud Hashi is Chairman of the Lawyers and suggested the Positive families should be given care humanly and to to discriminate “i would say positive people are too vulnerable society whose being marginalized” he added.

Abdi Azis Saed Salah is the National Youth Umbrella head and he encouraged those teenagers to prevent the risk of the Virus which transmit infection to other fitness people ” the positive have a right wand we have a right not to discriminate them and they should control to disseminate the virus to the society”

Dr Aburrahman Mohamed Geel mentioned the risk of the dissemination of the HIV/Aids is newly increasing in Somaliland therefore it should be controlled, He added that horrified cases are existing  in Somaliland towns “we saw a Positive Woman whose here children were fired from their School and even here milk refused to be loud out” he said.


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