Women Political participation, leadership and empowerment and female candidate


Hargeisa (SH)-Women Political participation, leadership and empowerment media engagement training for the professionals and female candidate held at Maan-soor Hotel, “I am endorsing this meeting which is focusing to the Women issues especially those running for the coming election participation” said that by Muna Ibrahim Doctor who is a Woman Media Girls.

“It’s not to pull out Women from their houses but it’s to take participation of the time table “that was mentioned by the Minister of the Social affairs and Employment Mss Hinda Jama”  there is no reason to say Woman cannot be part of the political system because am a mother and am minister and I have no any condemn from the Society for may being a Women Politician” she added.

 The Director general of the Social Ministry Affairs Mr Momahed Adan Elmi told he very keen on this organized event leading by his office ” am too glad to welcome you here as the director of the Ministry” he said, Nagad Umbrella Director Mss Nafisa Yousuf Momahed told that here Umbrella is wishing to the Woman Candidates to reach their goals for the coming election.Also the Minister under lined the important of the Woman political participation and she very encouraged Woman to go ahead for their contesting with the Mean in the political plate form “you Woman am telling what is missing from you and it’s that you do no consultation among your other Woman to share with your ideas as to support you” Mss Mona Doctor said that.

“I see here what I have not saw in the other countries even where as Western I am from it that your Woman those have ambition to come to gather as to express their rule in the political plate form” said that Mss Anou borrey who is one of the highest figures of the UNDP office in Somaliland was speaking in that opening of the event.

“you must come to gather as Woman those are running for the coming election participation reunite your efforts and UNDP is ready to help you that and I hope you well succeeding” for your running efforts as to ever come your obstacles” she closed to here lecture.

“honest speaking am telling you the truth Womans, houses are belonging to the mean and your husbands don,t like to sell his house” said by on of the Woman political candidate”  and she is running again for the coming election which she was rune before but she failed for here running ” i have got a lot of experiences for may failed candidate when i was running for Kulmiye Part and here am again to rune and i have spent a lot of amount for that failed time, but now still i have may expenses which i am ready to expend it aging for may coming running as Woman candidate for Kulmiye part” said by Hodan Abdullaahi Ahmed



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