Validation meeting of the Draft National Investment Policy statement


Hargeisa (BMC)-The Validation meeting of the draft National investment Policy statement has came to debate between the Governmental institutions, the Business sector and the other financial organization and the Universities, this meeting had multi speakers including the director general of the of the Ministry Ahmed Abokor whose briefly pointed out the aim of this meeting and he said “here am welcoming any come like all the sectors form the Government and other institutions”

Mr. Abokor whose suppose to transfer to his former office of the education Ministry from on today he mentioned “am highly encouraging to the Business sectors to take part on their rule which is relating the investment of our country”  also there was a slide presentation which was outlining the National Policy planning for the main sectors it will be focusing on the coming Governmental strategy which is on the pep line by a lawyer Hamze Mohamoud Hassan.

“confirming and the equality  and planning investment  is the general principles of  Somaliland Government including a highly good Governing and its merely sure if the system of the National become prefect am sure that the international investors will dire to come our country” he said in his presentation.

Miss Anna Copy from the Danida Office took the microphone and  told her Denmark Government is supporting this initiative of the Somaliland Government to enhance its investment policy vision. Hussein Abdullahi from the Admas University pointed out that international investors only what they are assessing our land values is the real mirror which is the investment directorial “its important to bear in mind that the pulling out of the former of the international  investors whom leaved form  our country and for what reason they were leaved?” he said.

Mohamed Sulub from Hargeisa University encouraged this meeting,Fuad Ahmed speaking of the E dahab sector of the Dahabshiil Company mentioned that Private business sectors are the main pillars of the country,s smooth economy and he told that Dahabshiil Company will increase its investment “we will enhance our rule business investment sector to the country of Somaliland” he said.

Engineer Hussein Buuni Endorsed the rule of the DP World “am congratulating to the Ministry of investment  for its potential rule on the investment vision” he said,  Ahmed Moumin Seed Minister of Agriculture development whose officially opened this conference has remembered the participants of this meeting including the whole Somalilanders to invest their land resource “here am highly encouraging to you and the other Somalilanders to invest our land resources” said the Minister of the Agriculture  and he added  “USA only what its colonizing this world its the wheat therefore for what reason we are being Hindering to cultivate our wheat”

The Former Business Ministry Omar Mohamed Shuib whose currently a farmer ha gave detailed his investment of the farmer and the current obstacles he faced caused by the shortage of the farm knowledge ” currently am farmer and i have invested a different trees futurities.

After the Break and tea coffee abdominal of this meeting has rounded in to the participants whose suggested a different view points which is relating mainly to this focus meeting, for example law sector and other Company Business parties exchanged a positive debate about what is running today and will go ahead tomorrow.

The head of the Primmer Bank Nuradin Abdi Elmi speaking on behalf of the Business sector especially his own Premier Bank has emphasized the rudely an organized Business names which its possible every business person he or she takes what name he admired it and swiftly jumped out and not give it care weather its belonging by other Business or not “the main issue i that i would like to mentioned her is the miss order business names which has no border and limitation because you can see a number of Business shops given shared only one name” said by the head of the Premier Bank Nuradin Abdi Elmi


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