US Air Drone Bombing killed at least 11 Alshabab and dozens were injured


Kamsuumo (SH)-The US Drone Air Bombed last  night Alshabab based in Kamsuumo distract in Middle Shabelle last night where the Alshabab militants were hidden, this Air strike was targeting to the Highly peace interrupted insurgency group Alshabab leaders those recently were excessively nominating to be the head of Banadir region attacks by Alshabab Administration.

The Kamsuumo residents told there was a death of 11 and dozens of casualties those whole were members of the Alshabab by the US Drone Air strike including who s named Ubeyda as the top leader of the Alshabab attackers in Banadir region,this is the third time within three months which the Drones are killing three of the top head attackers.


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