UN condemned harassment against people of west Sudan


Geneva (SH)-The United Nation council has condemned all the human harassment which is happening west of Sudan people where its recognized as the problematic and an rested country in the world, now the standing issue is the Woman rapping which is the most Woman tragedy in west Sudan since it broke away rest o Sudan people in 2009 after a long war and hostilities.

MSF agency issued a calling for that 125 Woman including an marriage Girls were rapped by the weaponized militia in kubcona where is nearing Bentiu twon, in recently.head of the UN operation in West of Sudan Mr. David Shearer highlighted that Woman rapping is the most tragedy against to the Human rights especially Woman those are being rapping extensively and he called on the Government of Juba to take the responsibility and protect Human Rights.

A number of the West of Sudan people are fled from their homes for fearing caused by the bullet sound firing on their houses day or night without kind and respecting their Human lives.



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