Two Woman Journalists of the CPJ Staff have been released yesterday


Dar-salaam (SH)-Two Woman Journalists of the CPJ whom have been kidnapped days ago have been released following while an known militia have  forcefully acquiesced to lose their freedom. this is being confirmed by the Tanzanian officials those been talking to the local media.

Miss. Muthoki Momo and Miss Angela Quintaly  both were working for the Committee protection of the Journalists in the world wide, these ladies have gained back to their freedom but the officials of the Tanzanian Government didn’t mentioned whose been behind the responsibility of that kidnapping which is highly against from the human rights and freedom of the independent Media.

Mr. Thami Mseleku who, s a member of the foreign Ministry told these two Woman Journalist are now enjoying their freedom and he added that Journalists a long with him last night had a dinner the Hotel which they were residing before they met this barbaric and greedy action.


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