Two Alshabab was captured on operation done by Somali Force


Mogadishu (SH-A well organized operation attack targeting Alshabab militias was done last night in Sabiid Caanoole district which were very suspected that members of Alshabab are hidden as they were believing to manage murdering any body not he or  she against their view.

This operation aim was to catch or kill Alshabab prominent figures who always did or manage the massive killing on the civilian or Governmental officers since they are nor Alshabab or their supporters, and two of the prominent Alshabab were cough in that operation done by the security forces.

Wetter page belongs National Somali intelligent Association published on this story and mentioned that NISA and other National Security forces planned this attack on that district and two of Alshabab militias have been handed in to the NISA and still they are questioning by the NISA.


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