Training for Woman Journalists Enhancement spoored by Vikes, Solja


Hargeisa (SH)-Woman Training for Journalists skills relating to their duties held at Maan-soor Hotel, this only Woman training is the first time as no mixture as both Woman and are the beneficiary saw in Somaliland as its mentioned by the both organizers Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) and the Finish Media Foundation as VIKES.

Wali Hashi is the head of the VIKES media activities in Whole Somalia and Somaliland and he had short open ceremony Speech and he briefed the aim be hind holding this Woman training and he said “the aim we are holding this Woman Journalists training is to made clear by the Woman Journalist participants the inside obstacles and also common barriers which the Woman Journalists are dealing during their daily reporting”

Mr. Wali as pro longing his speech he added “here what i like to mentioned is that trainer of the trainees is a Woman Journalists not men as usually had happened that the Trainers Woman to be excluded and that is precious for us and also its its to be look down what are major critical barriers which Woman Journalists are facing among them and the role of their institutions towards on their duty  to give the care”

Its important that Woman inside problems should be pointed out clearly and fully discussed among only the Woman because Woman cannot dire bravely as men can do publicly, consequence Mr. Wali Hashi said “we need the inside problems of the Woman Journalist to be highly discussed” he told “Woman are not usually supported among themselves and that is the main critical issue we have as the Woman” said by the a Woman Journalists whose been anticipating this training.

Secretary of the Somaliland Journalists Association “SOLJA” Mr. Yahye Hanas and told that there is a huge pleasure for him along with Solja to held like this new training to their activities which trainees are the only Woman and he said “its a very important for us to held this only Woman Journalists training which is not been done before”

“this have been working to gather by Solja and the Vikes and what is to be mentioned is that the facilitators or trainers of this workshop are Woman Journalists and the Woman trainees are 25 Woman Journalists whose form 10 of them from outside regions and others from Hargeisa” and he added “we want come out of this training that Woman Journalists to develop their experience and do a lot progressive topics not become busy only for the presenting entertainments programs” he said.

“i new nothing my early starting of the Journalism and it was really very had but our main obstacles is the men those are allowed us to to challenged with them” Woman Journalists said that” pull out under the men because they are pressuring us and they don’t want to reach like their position as Woman and on the other hand you Woman Journalists beer in mind that also we have another problem which is the owners  of the  media outlets ” said

“what am asking my self is why Woman Journalists are not alone go direct to the President Plaza house like as men do alone? mentioned that a Woman Reporter was participating this training ” all the problem we have is our inside as the telling you the truth not any other one” said that by Ikram.

“How many of you are mothers?” Participators were asked by the Woman Trainer whose form British Broadcast Corporation “BBC” called Nimo.

“Honestly speaking i am a mother whose have a two babies and i am reporter from Radio Hargeisa and i do my work as a Journalists and you can do a lot of but i now that as a Mother having children there is a heavy duty in the home including the child care and the other house responsibility” Rahma Abu-hurira said that.

“i was divorced reason for that my husband who were journalists like me tried to enforced me to stop the Journalism work, than when i tried to opposed him i faced a huge against from the society led my family saying you have to obey your husband and to do what he needs from you and the reason i was divorced was that having four children but after years i back to for my media profession” said that Miss. Naima Abdi Ahmed whose now have here own media production.

“don not make the Husband infuriate because if you wear  your best dress and go to the highest fashion shops having high perfumes we know husbands get angry therefore please don,t make angry your husband” said that by Warda Ahmed.”really speaking men may be opposed you to become a Woman Journalist and later to divorce you so don’t trust your husbands” said that anther Woman Reporter.

“as the Woman Journalists what is your role? that was asked the Woman Trainees by the Woman Facilitator Miss Warda Ahmed and “my role is to expose events and the facts to the society which is happening in the society” said by Ikram “the role of the real journalists is not try to collect money from the Politicians or else that is my role as a Woman Journalists.

“as you are  a Woman Journalists you are the breach is connecting horn  to horn to the Society as well as to up date the people and also the make investigation to whatever is misusing like the failed project of the Hargeisa Watering which earlier have been invested $150’000 and months ago the Minister of the water told that Hargeisa watering project has failed and no one Journalists tried to investigate that issue” told by Warda Ahmed.

“your role is to recognize that you are the voice of the voiceless people” Miss Warda Ahmed has added that, since the debate was rounding among the Woman trainee answers were among the participators “Happy Dahir Muse she still nor marriage she believes that first Woman asked their husbands during seductions before the finishing the last marriage decision to sign from their husbands to allow Woman to do their work freely.

“let me tell you sisters Husbands are not trust-bale because they might oppose to continue your work profession and then later he divorced you  consequence am suggesting to you to sing from your love husbands to allow you not interfere your profession work as to may not hindered your your work and later to divorce you” said that by Happy Dahir Muse.


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