The Unity 60 of the Somali Military force for 3 months training closed


Mogadishu SH)-A 3 months training for the 60 Unity department of the Somali Military have concluded today in the training hall, this training ceremony was participated  by a number of the Governmental institutions led by the state Minister of the Presidential plaza Abdul Qaadir Baqdaadi, the Ger Jeneral  Odawaa Yousuf Rage and other rankles.

Hassan Adan Dhicisow briefed how the training was passed from the different stages those finally being trained were contained different unities and the Head of this unity Hassan Adan Dhicisow mentioned the number of these trainees were 129 Solders and 30 of them were especially trained how the honor greeting is done.

On the other hand the State vice minister Abdul-qaadir Baqdaadi told it too important those trainee Solders of the Plaza guard unity should be also learn other knowledge as to be for the role model to the other Solders as discipline.

In that stage have been announced that this training was the 5 Batch of the Military training from on today is closed, but the 6 Batch of the training will be started for other unity.this ceremony news article was published on the Radio Mogadishu web page where we have quoted this source but we translated into English language.


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