The Somalia Police commemorated 75 years of their anniversary


Mogadishu (SH)-The Police of the Somali federal republic widely has commemorated its anniversary for 43 years of 75 years coining ago, a well and tightly kept security ceremony which hugely anticipated by the Somali federal President Mohamed Abdullaahi Farmajo, Upper house leader Abdi Hashi, the Police Commander General Bashiir Goobe, thousands of the Police departments, Dozen of Cabinet Ministries and thousands of the Somali people whose were very jubilant in accession of this Somali Police anniversary.

National flag along with the Police department flags were seeing as it was waving with the Somali musics while the Police parties were marching as they were greeting to the President with different signs especially the those highly trained, than President Mohamed Abdullaahi Farmajo spoke to those Police retired Generals who have kept the Somali Police archives as the President announced “here today am very glad to share with your 43 years of 75 Anniversary” said that President Farmajo.

and he added “always we post off those evil deeds not what is good but today i want with no hesitation to mention here those our hero Generals who were kept our National Archives and am promising since they are a live we will not lift them back and we will care of them but if they died also their Children will be given care by us

This Police Photo is taken by the Radio Mogadisho Reporters whose were lively narrating from the Stadium Cony where the Somali Police Anniversary of the 43 years coined 1975 happening


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