The quarrel of the rape Draft law between Religious and Civil society smocked up


Hargeisa (BMC)-The Quarrel of the Rape draft law between the Religious leaders and the Civil Society have been escalating since it signed by the Somaliland President Musa Bihi Abdi after it passed through the lower house of the Parliament earlier of this month, this draft coined and passed to the Parliament the Civil Society organizations whose been pushing it for a long time once to be signed through the legislative departments and head of Authorities of Somaliland.

As soon as emerged that draft law have passed to the Parliament and also signed by the President there was in the more happens and congratulations among the Civil Society as they reached their long way goal thanking the President for his signing this Rape draft  law, but soon after that signing a in quarrel crumbling have started in the society especially the Religious leaders as opposing this rape draft law approving.

Therefore Religious parties have condemned to the Parliament to passed this draft law which they see its composing a lot of against the Sharia law and the aim is to break down the Islamic rules which the constitution of Somaliland have made clear that any thing not applicable for the Sharia law is null and void, therefore Religious leaders believes this rape draft law is like “the curry is big than goat” oohintu orgiga ka wayn” it means there is a hidden agenda in this draft which they widely believed its the kind of war against to the Islam but the Civil Society are too against that and saying they have no any hidden agenda which is controverting to the Religion and they absolutely bend down for the Islam and ready to act any article of the Sharia law, but the majority of the Religious like imams of the Masaajid have a doubt any thing form the locally or internationally NGOs “as the Religious  always we a doubt from you if you are the NGOs” said one of the Sheikhs attending the debate of this draft held by the Ministry of the Religious and Endowment earlier of this month.

This draft of the Rape become the most talking issue among the public Society asking each about this along side the imams of the Masaajid promised commonly to talk about the draft of the Rape and point out as if curried out a lot of mistaking and Religion abusing reading many Verses and Suna evidence and Waring to the Parliament MPs not to dare like this again and repent for sine which they omitted from the Islam “we accept their justification  because the are Muslims and may be part of the are worshiping with us now in this Masjid “Friday  lecturing” said by Sheikh Mohamed Dirir whose the most moderate and also not interfere to the group conflicts of the Religious parties yesterday during his Friday lecturing in Hargeisa.

On the other hand the Civil Society groups have their concerns about this re pending of the draft rapping law its willing to wage lobbing again to got support succeeding this draft law finally to the coming days for the Society of Somaliland exhibiting many ugly rape cases which happened on those cannot defend themselves “this draft is not doubt bale and we believe its only talking to defend those cannot defend themselves” said by one of the out spoke for the Civil Society.

However the sensitivity of this issue habituating among the Somaliland marked places and Hotels along with narrating or publishing to the Social media front pages on this Somaliland Rapping draft law and the current situation which is hugely escalating seriously, and its willing that it will not be subsided unless the President interfere again and  made clear his last decision of this sensitive draft which have created among the Society new tight for tight especially the Civil Society groups and the Religious leaders.


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