The President of Eritrea Isaias Afwerki landed Somalia city of Mogadishu


Mogadishu (SH)-The President of Eritrea Mr. Isaias Afwerki arrived Just minutes ago at the Airport of the Somalia City Mogadishu this morning, the President of Eritrea is leading huge delegation those are containing different sectors of the Eritrea Government institutions especially Ministers, the Force commanders and Business figures those coming for their first time since Eritrea break away from Ethiopia in 1993.

Wide rally aiming at the welcoming to the Eritrea President and his delegation were early morning deployed at the Mogadishu Airport waving with the Flag of Eritrea, different army forces of Somalia also are seeing guarding the security and ready to crack down quickly steps if any duster-pence attempted to  destabilize smoothness of the City coming this Eritrea delegation.

Dozen of Ministries, Military Force  and Police Commanders, MPs of the both house Parliaments,Youth and Woman including more school students are the top front lines whose are seeing at the Airport to welcome Eritrea delegation as mid this year President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullaah Farmajo were welcomed at the Asmara Airport leading a huge delegation likes this today.

The hosting President of Somalia and the gust President of Eritrea are willing to set together and highly discuss the ties between the two countries to righted as ever before and also it might included the new horn political changes initiated by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiye Ahmed following his nomination at the mid this ending year of 2018 including how Somalia stabilize and the role of Eritrea can play.

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