The Ethiopian High Court seeking to the head of intelligent Mr Getachew Assefa


Addis Ababa (SH)-The Ethiopian high court is seeking for the former of the head intelligent Mr Getachew Assefa whose early fled from the county to Neighborhood,s Sudanese country, Mr Getachew  was accused of linkage of killing a lot of Somali Region and he was bushing back Abdi Momahoud Omar and his administration to kill and torture more people in Somali region during his ten year,s dictatorship.

Mr Getachew had request to Sudanese Government a political asylum seeker and he got it from the Sudanese Government his appeal, on the other hand its widely believed that Mr Getachew was given hand the Tigray rank officials whose both they are one clan as Tigray.

The former of the Ethiopian Intelligent head office has already sent his family into the outside of the country instead of having a high life or better than where they were leave in Addis Ababa before, however this information say that Ethiopian Government is seeking to catch hand the accused former commander for his linkage what had happened in the Somali region both killing, rapping, jailing with no reason and subjugation.

A news aired from the Somali Region Television “ESTV” mentioned the Ethiopian federal court is seeking for Mr Getachew to catch hand and then court him given hand for Abdi Iley  and his team for their doing in humanity to the Somali people including part of the Oromiya people while he smock up a new conflicts between Somalis  and Oromiya whose had a long peace history and harmony for their life, to mislead the eyes of the people not to see for his crimes as sharing with and given hand by the Tigray officials whose werer dominating the country before Abiye came to the power in March 2018.


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