The dictator killer Abdi Iley arrested yesterday by the Federal Government


Addis Ababa (SH)-The Ethiopian Federal Police has arrested yesterday the most dictator killer President of the Somali state region Mr Abdi Mohamoud Omar “ina iley” since earlier of this month he was home arrested but officially he admitted to the federal Jail in Addis Ababa after he and other six of his colleges totally removed the membership of the Somali state part the day before yesterday.

Abdi iley is supposed to soonest to accused of as murder as he killed many of Somali state region clan peoples, his arresting was welcomed by a lot of Somali victims whose their relatives were either killed, tortured or rapped by his under command since he took the chair near ten years ago.

in the Social media congratulations are sententiously coming one by one for the iley’s arresting alleging that he too serviced even to be done worst than only to be jailed according to what he had done as like as cannibal as killing or rapping innocent souls without any reason, but only by dictatorially and kindliness.


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