Somaliland self help Society (SOS) had a paper presentation at the Child Right Conference


Hargeisa (SH)-The center for the Burao Child street care widely presented its center activities on the Children those currently are fostering in that Center which which have been created in 2014 by members of diaspora led by MP Mubarak Yusuf who is MP of Burao municipality  and he is a prominent social concerned person such vulnerable people and the Youth sport street children rehabilitation center  SOS center.  Somaliland self help ass.

Mubarak Yusuf is the Chairperson of that center and he delegated all the way from Burao to attend this National level conference of the Child Right and he added  his brief presentation a funny history  related one of their foster Child Girl whose grow up and matured under their caring time and she got marriage through the Center “here i would like to mention one case had happened in our Child Center there was a young Girl whose we have fostered her and then she grow up and raped for marriage and fortunately we marriage her a man she selected him from here choice” he said that.

Also he mentioned this Center has their is another young Girl whose not among those are being fostering in the center but she  leaving out of the Center where is widely believing approximately 170 Child street are leaving on Burao Streets without parents either divorce or death, after the previous lady has got marriage through the Center Administration she also will be taken step that previous one  did by the Child Foster Center, now as the principals of the Center they are ready completely  to dealt with here as they did with the previous one ” earlier after marriage that Young Street Child Girl another we want to give acre another young Street Girl whose been displaced by the circumstance after she miss the role of here parent kinds and now we are ready to marry here when ever she got matured for the suitable marriage” said that by the Chairman of the Somaliland Self Help Society MP Mubarak Yusuf.

CHILD1As he told their center have been visited many rankles of the late Government officials led by they first lady Amina Waris Sheikh Mohamed Jirde and then also it been visited by the two revel political leaders Faisal Ali Waraabe UCID Party lead and Waddani Party leader Abdurrahman Mohamed Abdullaahi “Cirro” and the administration of this Center convinced Burao Municipality to pay land for the Center to build Children Center which will have different departments which will be used now and the coming future for the Center caring of the Children.

As all ready we have above mentioned the Center has got the land but just what its needed is to get fund support to build its Center as the Chairman saying “thanks to Allah just we have the land but only what we need is the fund support to build for the center of the Somaliland self help society “SOS” he appealed to the any donation either business local companies or international donors “kindly we are requesting for either any one or any institution donation for fund support to build the our Children rehabilitation center” he concluded.


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