Somalia President and his counterpart of Kenya President talk last night


Mogadishu (SH)-The President of Somalia and the Neighbor of Kenya talked phone line last night about the emphasizing of the two country,s relationships which sometimes shaded by sea land disputes between the border line of Somalia and Kenya.

Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta the President of Kenya and the Mohamed Abdullaahi Farmajo discussed the importance of the tight letteral tie to be continue like security, cross border and the free commercial movements.

On the other hand yet not clear how the two presidents highlighted or mentioned the quarrel case of the sea border which we know once gone to the international court of Hague years ago but Kenya was trying to modify the case in another deceive face which it may believe that it will lead to Kenya that sea land will return to it.

Therefore the delegate from Kenya was arguing the should be withdraw from the Hague court and return as the normal discussion based friendly Neighborhood countries and Somalia delegate led by the Antony general Ahmed Ali Dahir boycotted the Kenyan delegate demanding   and insisted the case of the sea border quarrel should not be solved out of the international court.

But we don’t know recently some thing it my has changed or not under the Somalia President,s visiting to Kenya earlier of this ending year while that Kenyan President of Uhuru was too willing to convince smooth diplomatically deceiving Somalia, s President Mr. Farmajo to allow the case of the sea for Kenya belongs to.


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