Somalia MPs discussed articles of their draft law


Mogadishu (SH)-The Somali PMs have discussed their draft law which is mainly concerning the smoothness of their duty work as they working and also the responsibility of the MPs when they are coming in the whole seats.The articles have been discussed were including the safety of the delegates whose coming in the Parliament center along with their weapons and their staffs, on the other side MPs were crucially under lined the important that articles should be read carefully by each one by one in the coming days to finalize whatever is surrounding these draft law articles of the Somalia parliament

The second deputy of the Chairman Mahad Allahabad Awad was leading this PM,s Meting and he emphasized that all the articles must be red one by one since it will be debated on the stage of the microphone at the end of the reading days when the koram is being become fit on the coming days.


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