Somali Prime Minister Hassan A-Khayre met with UK Ambassador in Somalia


Mogadisho (SH)-The Somali Prime minister Hassan Ali Khayre met with the UK Ambassador In Somalia Mr David William Concar, Mr Khayre and Concar have deeply discussed the current situation in the Somali Capital Mogadisho which the Uk Ambassador Mr Concar plates Government of Somalia the step by step re covering security and touchable progress which  is smoothly seeing day after day.

Mr Concar and the Somali Prime Minister also have underlined to emphases the relationship between the two sides of Uk and the Somalia.Mr Concar m mentioned that Somalia  has done well for the battle against withe insurgency Alshabaab and its more success  and defeating Alshabab, although they still are struggling to weekend the Somali Government but they lost more and more than for ever they were.

The Corruption was among the top points those the Uk Ambassador has more admired that it been reduced according to the era time but its still used as illegally in more Somali institutions and widely believed its the most fatal killer and crumbled the human development especially the Somali Society for a long time since they lost what they lost.The photo is from Radio Mogadishu


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