Somali Foreign Minister asked UN Assembly to lift Somali weapon Embargo


New York (SH)-The Somali Foreign Minister Ahmed Awad Issa demanded UN General Assembly meeting to lift embargo on Somali weapon as to defeat to the insurgency extremist spreading ideology in to the Somali Young Generation.

Ambassador Awad Emphasized the important of the lifting weapon embargo of Somalia, because he indeed pointed out the Somali Federal Government waged a lot forward steps like security,economically increasing among the Society as gaining support from the Government security sectors and giving awareness to Youth, Woman, Religious leaders to make change in to the extremist influence to the rest of the Somali Youth including any one else he or she to set back joining to those Alshabab fighters.

“one behaving of the name of the Somali President along with the Somalia,s name its very glad for me to participate this Honorable  of the UN General Assembly meeting” the Minister Awad said that, “the Somali Youth are not joining now tho the Alshabab because the wrong ideas are long lasting” he added. we took the Photos from the Radio Mogadishu.



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