Solja Annual year of the Awke Ward submit opened at Ambassador Hotel


Hargeisa (SH)-The Somaliland Journalists Association’s Annual year submit (SOLJA) has opened at Ambassador Hotel which as the schedule will be closed on tomorrow midday, the Solja,s them of this year is named the lat Ahmed Hassan Awke who’s  had the most Somali Journalists influence in the Somali Society as in Somali language “ABAALMATINTA CAWKE” Awke award.

the Director general of Solja Yahye Anas welcomed the media delegates and shortly briefed the aim of this submit and he told that this two days of Awke award meeting is to enhance the Somaliland  Media encouragement and that Media felt a good motivation instead to doubled for their duties and responsibilities as they are the four pillar of the Nation Connors.

Thechairman of the Somaliland Journalists Association (SOLJA) Mr. Xuuto told this Awke Media award s the second annual time which tomorrow will be contested by the members of the Media house reporters both Men and Woman and its suppose that top selected winners will be given awards as prioritized according to their assessed sectors like the Social concerns such advocacy of the Human rights, marginalized groups and etc. Onthe other hand he asked to the Ministry of the information that Media are too willing from the Government to step forward reinforce the Media land of the training center which have been promised by the last step President Ahmed Mohamed Siilaanyo.

“You Mr. Minister here am appealing to you with respecting full to review to the land using for the Media training center which still in the Government, s hand facilitate us to get it soon and that is our main appealing again” said by Mr. Xuuto but unfortunately the Minister kept silent to give any answer for that media land appealing. But we don’t now weather he deliberately ignored or he forget it while he was turned out the most his tension to defend the Government form the Rival blaming.

Near the 200 local Journalists whom came from the different locations in Somaliland Religions, Information Ministries of Technology Abdurrahman Guri -Barwaaqo and —- Secretary of the Waddani Party, Chairman, SOLJA chairman Mohamoud Abdi Jama “Xuuto” , the Director of the information Hussein Warsame and other gusts have been participated and hot political words  between the Waddani Party rival’s secretary Mr. Khaddar Abdi Hussein and Ministry of Information Mr. Guri-Barwaaqo though the Technology Ministry  smoothly reacted Waddani Secretary blaming for the Government not fully and satisfactorily has replied the public questions about what is behind roots of the Militias led by Colonel Aarre whose even hi clan supporters are excessively accusing Somaliland Government  become what they called “a long bow” than information Ministry refused that rival blaming.

“Hadrawi said in his poet word to the deaf lady (dhii-dhiibso) means be active and self aware which he mean it now that Government of Somaliland is parochial administration which cannot satisfied the public needs, “the Government of Somaliland’s rule is a Social contract therefore if you want or you are happy the exaggeration news have been released by the both two Television channels related to the Colonel Aarre,s treating that he will come to the Presidential plaza and will explode it am not agree with you because what you want to display is your mother but it’s not me” the Minister of information said that.

Although there was presentation for the good Governing and the Media role which presented by Abdul Qaadir Dayib Askar, and the Media role on the Human Rights Banner debates which was also presented by the Human Rights defenders and the Media Expert members these their debate presentation was very keen on by they Media house participants and the other gusts.


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