Shaqo-don Entrepreneurship week winner competitors have awarded


Hargeisa (SH)-The week of entrepreneurship business which is organized by the Shaqo-don the local organization which always involves to the youth employment is holding the last day of the ending of the seven days business is used to held before which is been doing before Shaqo-don, Shaqo-don is the only local organization stands for the youth development and also concerns their lack of jobs.

Since last 1o years Shaqo-don was concerning about the Somaliland Youth,s job seeking, therefore an countable number of Somaliland Youth have got jobs through Shaqo-don job trainings, while Somaliland the Students graduated from their class Universities mostly they got back to their homes without getting jobs soonest they graduated according to their culminating during their education exercise, therefore this entrepreneurship which is being holding its five time as it mentioned by the Executive director of the Shaqo-don Mr. Mohamed Hassan, Mr Hassan told this today, s event reward ceremony is part of the world memorial of the job encouraging for the youth development “our today’s ending the week of the entrepreneurship which is being done by Shaqo-don its a part of the Global campaign  for the Youth development” he said.

Head of the Premier Bank Mr. Nuradin Abdi Elmi have endorsed this Entrepreneurship weeks held by Shaqo-don and he emphasized that Premier Bank is standing for the Country, s development which Youth empowerment its mine objectives according with the role of the Youth when it comes to the economic development no one country that can success its development and highly entrepreneurship  without its youth “no one country that can be developed without its yout” said Mohamed Hussein Mu,adinka whose months ago was nominated for the National job which is the new sector office in Somaliland.

“if we are Premier Bank we will take part to the current investment which is under the Shaqo-don activities” Nuradin Said that, and he added that Primmer Bank is well known as the first innovator of the modern world Banks “Premier Banks is among the world innovator Banks therefore we have brought the facility machines which you can take off your money from the Banks easily” he said

Abdikani Abdullaahi Dirie who is the part of the main starting machine of the Shaqq-don Activities told 20 Youth teenagers will be contested today’s, ceremony, Dahabshiil Bank, Premier Bank and the Geel are the sponsors of this and he argued the Youth to dir bravely to create their own jobs and have the main fullness schedules for their entrepreneurs “as Shaqo-don we do two main things which are the job creation that money youth have already wine to manage their life after they being trained by Shaqo-don” Abdiqani Dirie said that.

SHAQO1Also he added “another thing we do technology training skills which our today’s youth are so eager to have it instead to get in touch the modern and visionary skills that can easily developed to their mind openness”  Mr. Abdiqani again told that this project has a especial department which currently is being working with 33 youth employee.

Shaqo-2Ministry of the Youth has well endorsed this Shaqo-don entrepreneurship week and he encouraged the Youth participants to bear in mind the Government of Somaliland will stand for the youth helping programs ,Mohamed Hussein head of the National job has underlined that Youth will be stand with the Government and they are as the elected administration are ready to fulfilled their duty on the Somaliland Society whom elected them.

finally 20 Youth competitor speeches has were listened group by group an the  most of their innovation programs were well endorsed and admirable  by the audiences whom were present on the hall seats, Blood bak group,Mobile up using group and other innovation competition youth teams were among those being selected this Shaqo-don Entrepreneurship week which is widely believed that it will enhance for the Youth income generation and their encouragement instead to stop to smuggle fo the risk sea to reach European


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