Raaso Conference come closed with the 7 communique main points


Raaso (SH)-The three days of clan consultative depth debate has come closed with the ten main points which the whole delegates agreed unanimously, but before the conference come closed figures from the different participants spoke their feelings and crucially highlighted their acceptance the gathered meeting come out results and promised they will delivered it to the residence which they come from whether its local regional or sea out the country’

Suldan Abdul Qaadir Yousuf Gabayaa was among those cultural leaders from Mogadishu all they way to Raaso and he had spoken to thousands of the meeting hall and he reacted as jubilant “my name is Abdulqaadir Yousuf Shiekh Mohamoud and as being hearing when i was calling to the stage am among the cultural leaders as well as i was invited and other hand am among the invites i would said that to my introducing” he said and he added “You Raaso spiritual religious leaders you Raaso residents today i can compare with  you the see off day our Prophet Mohamed  peace be upon him at Hajjatul-wadaac to his companions where they fully accepted to disseminate his massage directly to the rest of the whole world”

Suldan Gabyaa had thanks to the Raaso residents for their understood to renewed the the holy Islam religious after one century as it made clear by the Sun-nah of the Manageress of Allah Mohamed peace be upon him that the religion will be dusted after one century “here am fully thanking you for your up grading to the dusted holly Islam religious as it being made clear by the Massanger of Allah peace be upon him after one century” he told.

Suldan Gabyaa told ” again am thanking you as Raaso residents to remembered people the value of the Islamic religion and your teaching excessively it those need about the rules of the Islam pillars and what is being currying out by it” he mentioned and he added ” i think Raaso residents have up graded and cleaned the century dusted from the Holy Islam Religious an you connected people to their Allah” said by Suldan Gabyaa.

“after that you are deserved to be honored and fully thanked  and making you noble prize according to progress you have made like Sun-nah of our Prophet peace be upon him who made for you welfare  do like it but if you can,t have please him or her, consequence am rewarding you to say my Allah rewarded you his welfare” the Suldan Gabyaa told that.

Shiekh Ahmed Tirmidi also was the head of those delegated form Mogadishu and he had short ending speech which was touching some reality of the ground in the Raaso residence and that is been said according to the diaspora and other intellectuals whom are decanting from that Raaso district the administration of Raaso district is based on as they are dictating to any body else whose not among themselves which i can,t made it clear whether its positive or negative because me myself am among those never seen Raaso but i believe its some how its exaggerated propaganda and sheikh Tirmidi suggested to those Raaso spiritual religious leaders not commonly blamed to the people as they are whole bad but know there are good people and bad people and it needs to classify among those are good from whose are bad.

“i would say to the holy spiritual leaders to assess the people as they are good and bad but not to criticize as they are whole bad but and my suggest to you is to classify the people and deal good with whom are good and please them those you saw they are bad people and i a sure if you supplicate Allah to give them guide those you believe they are bad people Allah will guide them soon” said that by Sheikh Tirmidi.

On the other hand he consulted with those Diaspora to deal with Raaso residents as they are deserved to be dealt with otherwise to give up any harassment and let them be free from interfering for their  administration choice “you diaspora i would say to you Raaso residents not need harassment therefore please if you don,t want to help them give up them to your harassment and let them have their free administration choice” said that by Tirmidi.

coming to the closing that Fiqi-Omar clan consultative of three days meeting there was minimization of the debate points among the delegates which been assessed deeply whatever have been highlighted during this analyzing to the min views contributed by the participators from in or our and finally agreed as result conclusion to 7 points which have been sought it conclude the major intestinal of the conference that can be translated to the aim in which this consultative clan conference had held, and it been red by the spokesman of that conference Abdullah Sahane and he said as below.

“today we came at the closing time of our three days conference which been held for 20 to the 22 of November 2018 which have been gathered from home to up rood along with honorable gusts as intellectuals, educators, Religious leaders, youth, Woman and other invited gusts from the neighborhoods regions horn of Africa and the local districts as Somali state region here is what we have resulted as communique points”

1-Units of the whole as Ethiopians and brotherly

2-This conference is calling to all Ethiopian pluralism societies to keep unity of the Ethiopian Nation

3-Conference is fully endorsing the change progress is being made so far in the horn especially in the Somali state region

4-we are calling for the Somali state region societies to keep the unity and the harmony of all the Somali state region

5-Muslims to enhance the act on of the Islam Religion and its education

6-its requesting to the Somali state and its heads along with the democratic party of the Somali state to govern equal and justice to the people

7-its calling for the Somali state brothers what so ever dis agreement exist to be solved by talking with each side and unity as to avoided dis agreement and hand talks

Thanks to the Allah.




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