Qatar Government announced Hobyo port building Project


Doha (SH)-Qatar Government announced that it will start the Hobyo Port building soon, and that was following Somalia Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khayre, s visiting to Qadar earlier of last week and discussed with the Minister of the information Mr.Xasim Binu Seef Ahmed Al-Saleedi about this Building Project of the Hobyo Port which too very essential for the local residents and other facilities for the rest of Somali people.

Both of Somalia Prime Minister and the Qatar Minister Mr. Xasim along with Planning Minister of the Somali Federal Government Jamal Mohamed Hassan Qatar Government soon will start the Building Port project as to be benefited by the resident Society or all Somalis, also what is important to remind that President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullaahi Farmajo had a stone putting this of the project building port of Hobyo which is locating Mudug region and that delegation was led by the Minister of General Activities and the Port Miss Mariam Aways Jama.


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