Prevent of the 16 days against to the Gender Based violence closed


Hargeisa (SH)-The prevent of the 16 days awareness against to the Gender Based Violence which have waged since the end of November has came closed at big and well organized ceremony which had held at Maan-soor Hotel, this ceremony have unaccountably anticipated   Labor and the Social Minister and the former Foreign Minister Adna Adan Ismail and other Woman activists such Nagaad Umbrella deputy Khadra Omar Hassan and even young Girls were among those hugely participated this closing ceremony of these days activities which have been continued until the above mentioned time.

Head of the Gender department of the Labor Ministry Madam Luul Adan Geedi told its the ending and see off the 16 days waging activities which were focusing on the Geder Based Violence and this is what she said “to night here we are celebrating to for 16 days of the Gender based violence which had lased since last month and thanks for your coming and the quick answer  to our invitation ” said that Madam Luul Adan Geedi whose the head of the Gender department of the Ministry of the Labor and Social affairs.

“we born with our rights and its given us by Allah not Government nor other can give us or nullify it from us besides Allah” Roda Ahmed Yasin whose from the revel political party ,Sa’da Abdi Alin from Action-aid told she saw critical rapping case in Togdheer region while she was doing here visit activities and she name as it was horrible  situation which is out human values “according to the horrible situation which are totally against to the Human rights especially young Woman whose are circumstancing century of the 1440 and its acceptable” she said.

Miss Alin added what i have saw in Togdheer was a 13 years old young Girl whose  been circumstanced am saying again out spoken Woman will not be tolerate any ugly deeds against us” she mentioned, the Band team exposed songs and laughable entertainments including comedy and musics.

This accession is the first its kind to held which seriously is focused campaign against all kind of evil deeds which is naturalized that Woman always to be victimized, Nafisa Yousuf Executive Director of Nagaad Umbrella has mentioned Woman are more concern than men and now we want from you to give us hand to what we are waging for the human rights Activities especially all ever deeds against Woman either beating,  killing or circumstance.

Former of the first lady Kaltuun Hajji Dahir Elmi was among those Woman came this closing ceremony and she told that she had lent family conflict and she is expert GBV case managing “i have lent this above title GBV and have taken certificate from South Africa for years ago about the GBV Case managing” she told and added “if am the Mother of Somaliland am urging you to teach your Children to avoid human rights against evil actions”

Former Foreign Minister Adna Adan told its jeopardize that many violence is happening on the Woman like the raping because many times we seeing that more one man is raping a young girl and that is a huge problem” she added “when the young Girl is being raped by a gang  Group who do i  should marry here”

Vice Minister of the livestock Madam Yurub told that she agree on Adna Adan, s suggestion, but she mentioned some history about SNM war veterans days and always remember to keep i n mind and then she welcomed to the stage Labor and Social Minister  Madam Hinda Hirsi Jama Ganni and she take a lot of concerns about this closing ceremony including that Always Young Girls are deprived from their rights by their Boy brothers  “i grow up with 12 siblings boys and i used to serve them as while they were sleeping or enjoying for their else jobs and that was kind of violence” she told.


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