Prevent of the 16 days against to the Gender Based violence closed


Hargeisa (SH)-The second day of the leadership capacity building workshop for the Somaliland Political Woman is escalated this mooning attending by the Ambition political Woman figures those want to express their political role which have been shaking inside Somaliland Woman last 20 years.

Woman Candidates have a hot debate with their facilitator Drs Mariam whose teaching the Woman Political Candidates to the Leadership and self capacity building both either talent or education “ its indispensible when you are Woman candidate to have political ambition and then you have to be kind person for the whole society because they your wings and you cannot fly without wings”  Kaltuun Waddani mentioned that.

Even though stage is allocated only the Political but other Woman Concern issues were like FGM/C were mocked up the stage swiftly after Sado Jama Adan was behaving of the Waddani Revel Party  in Sahil Region stood “since yesterday we been talking about the Political  I want remember you one our problem  is the FGM/C which I believe each of you is feeling until now trauma of the FGM/C which its leaved us therefore I want you to aware your young Girls not be circumstanced”

“Agree with you and part of my political schedule for the Woman Issues is to tackle and fight for reducing totally Woman FGM/C to be banned” Nadiira Omar whose was speaking as Waddani Party Candidate said these words.

“if you are the Woman Candidates a Democratic Politician is who listened to his people and he or she must knows where he is going and when he is going and also you have to have conceal for others” Drs Mariam urged to the Woman trainees and she added “ I was in my class University when felt suddenly the birth pain imagine  how far problem is to have a birth during your class lesson as student whit no doctor and near hospital”

Alongside the Facilitator Drs Maiam explanation was touching Woman,s mind and reflecting the reality atmosphere which each Woman candidate is to face during or pre starting your gulf waging to the public stage “am urging to you that you are only Somaliland Woman today and tomorrow when you gone to the public vote and what you might have to is be self aware and very vigilant” Nimo Omar Hussein  Woman Journalists form Awdal region has remarked those words.

Hibo Adan is a Woman Lawyer and she had a paper presentation to this workshop of the Somaliland Woman Political Candidates ” you Woman Candidates how many of you are aware of the Somaliland constitution or red it? she asked those Woman Political Candidate Parties and she added ” please always be alert and kind Woman Politician for those bush or urban people you will need from tomorrow their votes because your aim is to earn their support and give you hand”

“Photos of the first lady of the former US President Brack Hussein Obam and the newly elected as MP Congress of the United states Ilhan Omar were shown to the Candidates as to compare with other United White Woman as they are Black African Woman and they reached to their high of Political anticipating ambition.

“You have to be soft and it not mean to be weekend but i mean to be kinder for the Vulnerable Society whom you are going to delegate them in the Political stage after you success by tomorrow” if you are leader you have to be honesty,you have to be inspired or the light of the society which can be a good legacy and also to have commitment with the communication ability to your target people selecting for them to your best and colored political words”

Luul Hassan Matan was among those are Candidates and she suggested to her Woman  counterparts to have clear goal and self oriented since they are facing tough challenges with their Men counterparts ” i would like to underline here today as we are Somaliland Woman Political Candidate and tomorrow we will be Delegating to All Somaliland people therefore am urging you including my self to taken to account to the reality face of our cultural challenges which we might facing and i hope we will go ahead more then ever” she said.

Fimhima Quuje is the Lascanood Municipality MP and now she standing to run for the Coming of the Lascanood Mayor Election and she told she will run for to liberate Lacanood district not will be burned tiers for sick of division led by Somaliland and Puntiland “am not gioning to earn a lot of money for my Mayar candidate but what i want is to liberate Lascanood twon from tomorrow will not be burned tiers following neither Somaliland nor Puntland and made it only Somalilanders” she said

“Ministry of interior Momahed Kahin Ahmed joked to  me if you want to be a Mayor of the Lascanood you should joined Kulmiye and answered to him “You Minister my clan is calling and pleasing to join and be Somalilanders and i believe wherever i go with to the Somaliland flag its success for Somaliland weather i be Waddani or Kulmiye or Ucid” and the whole Woman stage one time clubbed  for here.

Former of First lady Kaltun Hajji Dahir encouraged Woman Political Party Candidates to server as Woman Vision Unity and collaborate each other now and after and she hopes for the Somaliland Candidate Woman will succeeded at the coming election both Municipality and the representatives “i hope for you to success both Municipalities and the representative MPs” she said.

Labor and the Social affairs Hinda Jama Hirsi closed this two day training for Woman Political Candidate Parties but before ending she had a long speech to this Woman leadership training and she called whole Woman Political Parties to express clear target and have a unity as Woman case “am calling to you to have one clear goal that will be based only for Somaliland Woman Political Candidates” she told.


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