National Level conference of the Child Right held by the Government


Hargeisa (SH)-Big and beautiful billboard was leveled into the for ant stage o f the conference hall which underlined names of the invested agencies both locals and international and each agency of those their names well expressed on the billboards are fully or as partnership works for the Child name including UN agency for the Children UNICEF and the international Organization for the Children Save the Children and World vision.

at least 20 centers who especially works only the Children, s name have participated this National level conference including Direct Aid which is basically located in Gebiley and is the only the Child agent local honestly and professionally do work for the Children, this conference is organized by the Ministry of Social welfare and labor led the Minister Madam Hinda Jama Hersi Gani, Minister of education Osman Jama Adan and the Director General Mohamed Elmi along with number of the Child representative agencies and police commander deputy Abdurrahmam Foohle and head of the Imigration department Dayib Osman Alin and other Governmental rankles were among those anticipated this conference.

local songs dances along were exhibited young teenage those may be early from orphanage centers and they presented drama which was currying the reality of their life “am Child street and parents were divorced each and am standing alone no with one else” these word were among fascinated alters worded by the Children those have attended this Conference.

Miss Filsan who was behaving of the organizers mentioned a number of the Child care agencies led by the Direct Aid and Nagaad deputy Madam Khadra Omar Hassan urged participants to give more care those vulnerable Children and she underlined “you delegates whose from different organizations we have wake up to give more care for our especial needs Children because they loss their eyes, their ears, and their legs”

Head of the Islamic Relief center for Somaliland mentioned what have been presented by the band Music team and this is what he said  “those Children are our tomorrow,s leaders and what they were here presented is the reality existed in our families” Mohamed Aqli was Speaking for the Save Children and he told this is a very important conference  and we are too endorsing this draft proposed by the Labor Ministry” he said.

“on behaving of the Save Children we are ready to work with Ministry of the Labor and the welfare for this Child caring and i hope other Agencies are ready to do so” he added, Mr. Kamal was delegating UNICEF and  emphasized as the UN agency to doubled their efforts “as am behaving of the UNICEF as its the biggest Child agent in the World we will doubled our Child caring and ready to work with the other Child agencies” he said.

MP Mubarak Bidhi told as he was behaving of the Burao  local Government he will deliver this today’s massage to other PMs of the local Governments “on behaving of the Burao local Government i will deliver this conference,s massage to our Togdheer region local Government and our other local Governments to give care our Children” he told.

Director General   Mohamed Adam Elmi told they prepared all the draft law of the Child care and he urged those delegates whatever name and title they have including media to stand for together for the Children care “today we have came together not only our Ministry but we are all here for this National level conference to change the mood of our vulnerable Children” he said.

Director General of the Healthy Ministry Mohamed Hergeeye tol they are insisting still to give care Children “approximately 100 Child care centers are observe-ring by our Health Ministry and we will doubled our Child care efforts” he said, Ministry of Justice Abdi-qani Mohamoud Aateeye mentioned the role of the Mother in the Society position she is given to the Islam.

National Commission Human Rights Mohamed Baruud told that Human Souls are equal and the Powerless people are always vulnerable and marginalized for their vulnerability and their rights should be kept on info-rant of law “its important to separate  the big guilty murders and the innocent and here am suggesting to separate young Children from the Murder prisoners” he said.

Ministry of Youth Boos Mire Mohamed told as Ministry of the Sports and the Development they contracted to the outside and they hope some donation will come soon from those they contacted, deputy Interior Minister Momahed Muse Dirie mentioned that every Child he or she came form his parent house either polite or impolite Child and also he massaged to the Families not divorce each for their Child caring “if the family separated you saw men abrogated their responsibilities after they divorced each but the Mothers are whose still caring their Children” he remarked.

CHILD9Labor Minister Madam Hinda Jama Hirsi massaged through out the media to the families give more their Children and mentioned majority responsibility is on the Fathers more than Mothers and this is what she she spoke out “here today may massage is to any one he or she hearing may words lovely or will be heard later on to act this result massage and do more care for their Children”

Immigration department head Momahed Osman Alin Dayib told they catch the Youth Smugglers are being in the crime and staying on the streets both boys and Girls by illegally and then brought in to the Jail Stations then they dealt with them as protocol and professionally but the major problem they met with the Youth Smugglers “our problem is that sometimes we cough they are suffering for hungry and you cannot jailed a human been suffering for hungry unless you give him food and cared as Humanly” he said


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