Mayor of Kaxda District survived Bomb thrown into his house


Mogadishu (SH)-A Bomb hand attacked on the Mayor of the KAXDA district Mohamed Ismail has survived hand Momb which thrown onto his house last night but fortunately he survived along with all to his family no one was injured besides only to jeopardize the stability of the district and creation of an confession society atmosphere which it s a too famous rest of the Banadir districts according to else anarchy and in security weekend  the sustainability of the region progress.

This is widely believed that its a part of excessive accidents were happening in KAXDA district last months which the residents of the district see it as its a kind of interrupting district stability as to be same with and share other Banadir districts the huge problems, and this is creating a group of mafia those united to animosity of the KAXDA district and to crumble the huge growing reputation of the district and its people which is really an tolerable and acceptable.

Yet no group claimed the responsibility of that barbaric jeopardizing attack, earlier of the last week there were two killings happened on two men of this district one was police man while the other was a bus driver, both assailed men killing and this attack on the Mayor,s house are believed have a hidden liking and investigations are still under way whose were behind it and may be it will linked to long chine of mafia groups leaving in Mogadishu city.


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