Leadership Capacity building Workshop for Woman Candidates


Hargeisa (SH)-Leadership and Capacity Building training for Somaliland Woman Candidates is being held by the Labor and Social Affairs Ministry,this of the two days training workshop will be focusing on deeply on the root of the Somaliland Woman Politics and their roles when it comes to the Political activities which is needed by the Woman to have in the Social Status and es pacifically for the coming election campaign and they and how they will manage their rallies during their hard contesting whit the men.

At least 50 Woman Candidates form the three Political parties of Somaliland all the 6 Regions, those Woman Trainees are being teaching leadership and obstacles surrounding to the Somaliland Woman Candidates whose want to swim Political Battle with with men whose they been give supporting before weather as Woman are standing for candidate or not.

Nagaad Umbrella executive director Madam Nafisa Yousuf Mohamed  officially opened meeting and she urged to the Candidates to wear tightly and she remembered them Woman are main pillars which any Family is standing with consequence they have recognize their indispensable “today here am telling  honestly speaking we are the pillars of the whole our family lives therefore we have to have confidence our selves and give hand each of among of us not giving men support as we do before” she said.”

Madam Nafisa told today is their day to support as Woman among of them and she said “for a long time we used to support Men but now is the time to build among us as Woman” she added and remarked “its not feeding sweets and cakes but its a long way journey and hard struggle therefore we have keep mind to forget what passed and think what is needed to currently”

“today here we are as Somaliland Woman not Kulmiye, Ucid  or Waddani but we are standing together as Somaliland Woman Candidates and we have only one goal which is to express our Woman Political role in our Society” she told ” Madam Nafisa mentioned the major obstacle which is massively hindering the Woman Political participation is their Woman Jealous and envious “true speaking its true that the major obstacles hindering us is not men and other else but its us because the majority voters are Woman therefore if we stand together our Woman candidates we would not be needed any other support either men or else if we be honesty among of us”

“today is our day not men,s day you Woman wake up and be supportive for the other Your Woman brothers whose are running for their ambition political participation because if we become dependent on our Woman figures sure we will succeed otherwise we will not pass easily hindering hard stars which we are going to jump out it now” Nadiifo Mohamed olujoog said that.

Former Foreign Minister Adna Adan Ismail gave the Woman candidates more encourage and ordered the to go ahead and set back “am encouraging you to go ahead and set back sure you will succeed and we will elect you and dont worry about our votes because today we are ready to vote for you  nor for the men” told by Adna Adan.

Adna told the Political Woman Candidates if they elected to serve as a whole for the Somaliland society not especial party or tribe but taken to account they are delegating whole Somaliland people “am telling you after we gave you our votes and be elected by us you have serve as you are delegating to the whole Somaliland not tribe or your Political party which nominated you but you have serve for the vulnerable Society like Woman and the all marginalized people”

Miss Vera G. Baboun, Former Mayor of Bethlehem-Palestine a JPLG consultant as gender and inclusion champion had a paper presentation at this workshop training and she spoken out for the Somaliland Candidate Woman to exhibited their political role ambition ” i want you to remember your ambition is your right personally so you have to commitment  and be tireless since you are Political Candidates” said by Miss Vera G Baoun.

Miss Vera exposed in here slide presentation here history during here Mayor of Betheleham in which was currying out a different massages which she wanted Somaliland Woman Candidates to step by here way through real commitments and marking hard preparation before the Somaliland Woman Politicians swim to the rough road of the Political participation.

MP Female Fihiima Yousuf Quujie whose from Lasanood Municipality and now she want to run mas the Mayor of Lasanood consequence she requested participants or other Somaliland people to vote for here “here am requesting to you today as Somalilander candidate to give me your vote because i want to contest the current Mayor of Lasanood” she siad that.

Direct General of the Labor and Social Ministry Mohamed Elmi told Woman to be connected with the Ministry of the Labor to guide them the right path as he spoke ” you Woman be connected with the Ministry of the Labor and Social but don,t run same with us because we don,t want you to run side us because you have respect your delegate members to the Government as our Ministry we are delegating to you from the Government led by Musa Bihi Abdi” he said.

The deputy of Ucid party told his Party was the first Political party have nominated a Woman lady to the Parliament seats and still as the Revel Political party are resisting to step for word that testament which they have coined early “we are ready still to consist our coined road for the Woman Nominating  to the Parliament seats and Woman political participation”  he told.



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