Germany Government has announced 5 Million Dollar for Somali hand skills


Mogadishu (SH)-The German Government announced that its paying a 5 million Dollars for the Somali economic development especially training of the youth hand skills which is widely believed if its be done it will highly take part the Somali economic recovery and the livelihood recovery for those poor beneficiary families.

This announcement news has published on the web page of the Germany, s Embassy in Mogadishu saying that Government of Germany will provide 5 Million Dollar for the hand skills project following the bilateral agreement signed between Somalia and Germany for a while before.

This is a good news for the whole Somalis but those will be benefited likely Youth whose are the vulnerable for the different risks including the smuggle and the and sea dangerous which leaved nice last 10 years thousands of Somali youth souls, Germany has a big School which is being teaching the hand skills in the Mogadishu city and as far as i new its have no been looted as  many places in Mogadisho.


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