General Bashir told his country will take part to the Arab peace


Khartum (SH)-The Sudan President General Omar Hassan Albashir told his country is ready to part of the reconciliation of the Arab countries,General Bashir told this while he was attending Ceremony of force and country dependence accession which took place in his city homeland Khartum “Numear Academy”

The President Albashir telling after immediately after he returned immediately visiting with his counterpart Bashar Al-asad in destroyed city of Damascus, Sundanese President General Omar is imposed embargo by the International Criminal Court (ICC) accusing of as he massacred Darfur region rival  society.

Albashir emphasized the indispensability of the Arab unity and to recap the division of those Arab countries he told his country will be part of whatever its share how the Arab countries and he highlighted the Yemen reconciliation is very important to survive from death many of Yemen people whose are in serious life.


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